If you are happy with your free trial of Instant Agenda, you can upgrade to a paid moderator account. You can do this easily using a credit card by choosing "Upgrade to Paid" from the Instant Agenda main menu. 

A solo moderator account can run an unlimited number of meetings, with an unlimited number of attendees. Guest and Attendee accounts are free. 

Organization Accounts

What if others in your organization want to run meetings? For that, we have an Organization account. The primary benefits of an organization account are:

  • Single unified monthly invoice for your organization
  • An organization management feature (add, promote, remove users)
  • Ability to designate administrators within your organization (these do not need to be users of Instant Agenda)
  • Auto-associate new users that match your company domain (optional)
  • More security controls over your meetings (restrict meeting access to "people in my organization" or "only specific individuals")
  • Replace the Instant Agenda logo with your own
  • $19/moderator / month. Attendee accounts - free. 

You can manage your users, adding or removing moderators at any time, and your account/billing will be adjusted accordingly, month-to-month. This offers you the most control, and is generally the route that most organizations with fewer than 100 people choose, at least to start. 

Converting to an Organization Account is easy - just contact us through the FEEDBACK button and we can switch it on for you. You must be a paying moderator before we can upgrade your account.


We also offer an Enterprise model for  large organizations. 

Under this model, there is no moderator / attendee distinction. All users are effectively moderators, though some of them may never choose to run meetings. This means that you don't have to manage and worry about user administration - everyone in your organization can use it if/when they need to. 

This model requires you pay annually for a set user cap (e.g., 100 users).

Contact us for more details and pricing information.

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