An effective retrospective keeps a team engaged and motivated to continuously improve, but Retrospective Meetings can become monotonous and boring over time. When a retrospective fails to engage team members, the meeting looses its effectiveness.  

Instant Agenda provides predefined Category templates that you can use to mix things up, but the categories might not meet the specific needs of your team. Also, you might want to use your own creative ideas to make a retrospective more fun and engaging. For some inspiration see, 3 Scrum Masters Share Their Favorite Sprint Retrospective Template.

Instant agenda allows you to define your own meeting categories and Category templates.

Create or go to an existing Retrospective Meeting.

Click and modify the default categories or add a new category.

If you want to create your own Category template, click Category Templates > Create New.

You can define new categories for the template, or click Pull From Board to create a template based on the categories in your current Retrospective Meeting.

You can use the Category template in future meetings. For more information about Category templates, see How do I use Category templates in a Retrospective Meeting?

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