The Instant Agenda Retrospective meeting is designed to help Agile teams reflect on their successes and failures, and identify ways to improve how they work in the future. What the team learns today will be useful tomorrow. By holding regular retrospective meetings, you enable the team to continuously improve their working culture.

Create a Retrospective meeting from the My Meetings page. Click Retrospective.

Enter your meeting details. For example, you might want to change the number of allowed votes, add or remove optional meeting steps, or allow attendees to add ideas to the agenda anonymously.

Define your meeting categories. The categories should provide enough detail so participants understand what types of ideas to add when you run your meeting. Some example categories might be, “What went well?”, “What needs improvement?”, and “Start/Stop doing”. You can add or remove categories as needed. 

After  you start your meeting, Instant Agenda guides you through the Retrospective meeting workflow. The following figure shows an example meeting workflow.

At the end of the meeting, you can send out a meeting summary just like any other Instant Agenda meeting.

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