Collecting feedback on how team members feel about a project is a good thing. The team mood can and does impact the productivity of the team. A low team morale is a strong indicator that some action is needed for improvement, while a high team morale usually indicates things are going well. Tracking the team mood over time helps you to determine if project changes are having a positive or negative impact on the team. The Instant Agenda Retrospective meeting has an optional step you can add to your retrospective to measure team mood and track it over time.

Create a new or edit an existing Retrospective meeting.

Select the Steps tab, and then select Team Mood Check - Poll. Meeting attendees can now provide their anonymous feedback when the meeting starts.

When polling is complete, the results are shown. When you first start using the Team Mood Check feature, there is no history to review. Once historical data is generated, a history graph is shown in the results. 

The following figure shows an example of current mood check results along with historical results.

The team mood results are also shown in the meeting history and the summary email.

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