Instant Agenda is great for creating topic-specific action items during your meetings. We have basic tools for managing those action items, but you may already have a preferred tool that you use to manage all of your tasks.

Good news! We are committed to integrating with external work management tools and to-do lists. 

Initially, this is done using email. Many task and project management products allow you to create tasks, to-dos or action items by sending email to a specific address. Instant Agenda allows you to specify "additional" email addresses to notify whenever an action items are assigned to you.

1. Use the main menu in the upper-right corner of Instant Agenda to "Manage my Profile".

2. Click "Edit Notifications" to change your Instant Agenda notification preferences. 

3. Under Action Items, turn on "Send email to additional addresses when I am assigned an action item."

4. Add the secret email address for your preferred task management app.
See the following section on where to find this secret email address. 

Find The "Secret" Address of Your Task Management Tool

Most task management apps have a "secret" email address that you can send tasks to. Emails sent to that address will pop up as new tasks. Every tool works slightly differently, and has different options, but we've found they generally follow the same process. 

We can't document all of the task management tools out there, but below are a few of the most common. If your preferred tool is not listed, a search for "[product name] create tasks from email" will usually do the trick.


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