Our Slack integration allows you, and members of your team, to create Instant Agenda meeting topics directly from Slack!  Simply link an Instant Agenda meeting to a Slack channel and anyone in the channel can quickly and easily add topics to your Instant Agenda meeting!

As a meeting moderator, linking a Slack channel to a meeting is easy!

  • Click the Slack icon in the meeting header
  • Click Slack Workspace > Add Workspace. ¬†
  • This takes you to Slack where you can then authorize Instant Agenda to access information about your Slack channels. Granting this authorization will also connect your Instant Agenda user with your Slack user in our system.
  • After completing the Slack authorization process, you will be taken back to Instant Agenda. You can then select the Slack channel with which you'd like to integrate. Once a channel is selected, you'll be given the option that allows announcement of the meeting start and end in your Slack channel.

The Slack channel will have commands added to it that allow interacting with your Instant Agenda meeting. You can read the usage details of the available Slack commands.

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