Our Slack integration allows you to create Instant Agenda meeting topics directly from Slack! 

Before you can begin using the Instant Agenda integration with Slack, the Slack channel and an Instant Agenda meeting need to be connected. This must be done by an Instant Agenda meeting moderator following these instructions.

Slack Commands

Once connected, two new commands become available in your Slack Channel: /meeting, and /addtopic.

The /meeting command shows you which Instant Agenda meeting is connected to your Slack channel, and it provides a link to that meeting in Instant Agenda.

The /addTopic command allows you to create a topic in the connected Instant Agenda meeting. Just type /addTopic and then the content of your meeting topic. Once you hit Enter, you'll get confirmation that the topic was added to the meeting. And, if you then go to the meeting, you'll see that the topic has been added and attributed to your Slack user.

Connecting your Users

As you create Instant Agenda meeting topics in Slack, they will be attributed to your Slack user. If you never go into Instant Agenda, you're all set. But if you're also a user of Instant Agenda, you will want to connect your users. Doing so will allow you to edit topics in Instant Agenda that were created by your Slack user.

To do this, from Instant Agenda click on the Slack icon in the meeting header.

If you have not yet connected your user, select Slack Workspace > Add Workspace.

This will redirect you to Slack where you can then authorize Instant Agenda to access your user and channel information from Slack. Once this authorization is complete, the topics you create in Instant Agenda from Slack will be editable by you in Instant Agenda.

Meeting Notifications

When your meeting moderator connects your Instant Agenda meeting to Slack, they are given the option to announce the start and end of the Instant Agenda meeting in your Slack channel. If this option is on, here is what you'll see in Slack when the Instant Agenda meeting is started:

Clicking the link will take you to the meeting that is running. Once the meeting is ended, you'll get another notification:

Clicking the link in this message will take you to the meeting summary page for that session of the meeting. There you can review all of the topics that were discussed, their notes, comments, action items, and decisions.

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