Because action items are one of the most used features in Instant Agenda, it is highly likely you will be assigned multiple action items. Instant Agenda has several features that help you find and manage your work. If you need information on how to create an action item, see How do I add or track action items?

From the meetings page, click the Actions Items tab to view a list of all action items associated with your account (across all of your meetings). If you have a free attendee account, you will see action items assigned to you. If you are a moderator, you will also see any action items that you have assigned to others. Guests have no way to manage their action items (other than via the email notifications they get, if they supplied an email). 

You can use the State and Due Date filters to limit the number of items in your action item list. You can also use Search to locate action items by a text string. The items included in the search are the owner name, the action item description, notes, the associated meeting name, and the associated topic description. 

Meeting moderators can click the All tab to view a list of action items for all the meetings that you moderate.

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