Note: You must have either a trial or paid account to create meetings and meeting templates. For more information, see What happens when my free trial expires?

You can create a meeting template from the “My Templates” page, or from the meeting Agenda tab (From Template > Manage Templates).

Click “Create Template” to go through a series of prompts where you enter a template name and some template topics. 

Create Template 

Name your template based on the type of meeting or type of topics the template will include. For example, "Weekly Team Planning" might be used for a series of topics that you will use in meetings with each of the five teams you manage.

After entering a template name, you will be prompted to add a topic to the template. 

Add Topic to Template

The Add Topic to Template dialog offers you a way to quickly add a series of topics to your template. Your meeting agenda and discussions are driven by your topics.

Topic Description: We recommend that you add your topic description in the form of a question. This format makes it easy to determine when you are done with the topic. 

Time Requested: For the topic time, you should enter your best estimate for the length of time needed to discuss the topic. 

Topic Details: You can use the topic details section to add additional information such as links or notes. 

Click “Save” to save your entry. The dialog remains open so that you can add as many topics as you want. Click "Save" after each. 

Click “Done” when you are ready to return to the My Templates page. You can always edit a template to add additional topics or modify existing topics. 

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