The Quick Meeting works well for informal meetings. Informal meetings don't require the amount of moderator overhead needed for an effective Planned Meeting or Collaborative Meeting. 

So when would you use a Quick Meeting? Think about an impromptu troubleshooting meeting between you and one other person. An informal meeting does not require an agenda with a predefined list of topics to generate important notes, decisions, and action items. Use an Instant Agenda Quick Meeting to capture this information, keep your notes in one place, send email summaries, and track action items. 

For more information, see How I Run Informal Meetings Using “Quick Meeting”.

Create a Quick Meeting from the My Meetings page. Click Quick Meeting.

The meeting starts as soon as you click Quick Meeting. There are no timers or required fields to worry about. Just add agenda items and notes, comments, action items, and decisions as needed. 

Click Send Summary to email a copy of your records to meeting attendees and any additional stakeholders.

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