If necessary, meeting moderators can pin topics in an agenda. Sometimes you just have to discuss a topic at either the beginning or end of a meeting regardless of the number of votes. Here are some examples. At the start of a meeting you might have an important HR policy change that must be discussed, or you might have an attendee that is key to one of your topic discussions that must leave the meeting early to take a sick child to the doctor.  Conversely, you might have a topic you want to discuss at the end of a meeting such as a team building activity.

 Click the dot menu for the topic, and select either Pin to Top or Pin to Bottom.

The topic is moved to the appropriate location in the agenda. Any pinned topics have a Pin icon. 

You can click the Pin icon to unpin the topic. Any topic you unpin can be moved back into the agenda for sorting according to the votes.

If you have multiple pinned topics, you can change the topic order by dragging lower topics upwards.

Remember though, one of the key benefits of the Collaborative Meeting is that it allows your attendees to vote on the topics they find most valuable. If you discover you are constantly pinning topics to the top of your agenda, you might consider setting up a Planned Meeting. So “With great power comes…”, you know the rest of the quote by Stan Lee.

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