In Instant Agenda, you create meetings but you do not "schedule" them. For now, meetings are independent of date and time.

From the My Meetings page or from within the meeting itself, you can "Invite Others" which provides a link to that meeting. The link allows anyone to join your meeting (as a guest or registered user). You can paste that link into a calendar invite, an email, or a chat system to get people into your meeting.

There is a certain simplicity in this, and it completely removes the need to worry about keeping Instant Agenda in sync with your event date and time (which may change, be cancelled, etc).

We do have a Chrome Browser plugin that lets you add an Instant Agenda link directly from your calendar. It works with either Outlook / Office 365 calendar or Google Calendar. This process is described in the article "Does Instant Agenda Integrate With My Calendar?"

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