As a meeting organizer, you will want to assign action items to an individual that has not joined your meeting. There are various reasons why an individual cannot join your meeting, such as they forgot to sign into Instant Agenda, they did not bring a laptop or mobile device to the room, or they have joined your meeting as a guest and not supplied an email. The point is, you can assign them an action item and allow Instant Agenda to manage the follow-up.

Create an action item and then enter the assignee's email address into the Assigned To field. If you need information on how to create an action item, see How do I add or track action items?

The person will then receive an email with the details of that action item. The person can reply to the email to mark it complete (without signing into Instant Agenda).

Any person who creates a free attendee account can sign into Instant Agenda to better manage their action items - this is one of the key benefits to creating an account.  

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