Sometimes you cannot view the Instant Agenda timer because another application is covering your meeting window. For example, you might be showing a PowerPoint presentation or you might be in a WebEx meeting. You can still use the timer to keep your meeting on track if you enable timer notifications.

Click Enable timer notifications above the timer countdown bar.

Important! If you do not see this link, then your combination of browser and operating system does not support notifications.

Click Allow when your browser sends a permission request to show you notifications from the Instant Agenda domain. You must grant permission or the notifications will not be shown. You only need to perform this step once. 

You will receive a system notification whenever the timer crosses a minute threshold. The following image shows an example notification.

Important! How and where the notifications are shown depends on your operating system. Your operating system controls all of the attributes of your notifications such as location or sounds. Also, some applications block notifications from being shown. Browsers and some applications with a full-screen mode can block notifications. You might have to adjust the application settings to allow notifications.

If you decide you no longer want to receive notifications, click Disable timer notifications above the timer countdown bar.

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