Action Items can be added to a topic while you are discussing that topic in a meeting. 

Presently, only a moderator can add action items, while attendees can see the action items. The "Action Items" section appears below "Notes".

If an attendee has an Instant Agenda account, that attendee can edit his or her own action items (items assigned by the moderator). If an attendee is a guest, that guest does not have the ability to edit action items. 

Click any action item to edit the state, description, owner, due date, or notes. When you edit an action item, you can choose one of three possible states. The states are NEW, IN PROGRESS, and DONE. This allows you to review and track your action items in later meetings. 

Each meeting has an Action Items tab (next to History) that allows the moderator to review all action items associated with the meeting. You can see open items, closed items or all items (open and closed). This way, outstanding action items can be reviewed as part of each subsequent meeting. 

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