Instant Agenda is a product that helps you prepare for, facilitate, and follow-up after meetings. It is clear how this helps the meeting organizer / facilitator. But how does it help attendees?

This article is a brief guide to using Instant Agenda as an Attendee.

1. Video Overview

This very short video explains how to get into a meeting, and what to expect.

2. Guest vs. Attendee

 There are two ways you can join a meeting: as a GUEST or ATTENDEE. 

Joining as an ATTENDEE requires creating a free attendee account. This is a persistent account that lets you manage your action items, profile, notification preferences, avatar, and more. 

If you frequently attend meetings in Instant Agenda - you'll want to create an attendee account. An invite-only meeting requires that you join as a registered attendee. 

Joining as a GUEST allows you to quickly get into a meeting using only a name and email address. Guests can only join open meetings (those not restricted to an organization or invite-only). For more information about these meeting types, see the article on meeting security. Guests have no "account" and therefore cannot manage their action items, profile details, notifications, etc.

3. Benefits & Features

There are many benefits to joining a meeting as an attendee. 

The most obvious benefit is that you can participate in the creation of the agenda. You can suggest topics, vote on topics that are important to you, ask questions and comment on topics. This allows you to collaborate ahead of the meeting, and ensure you have a well-prepared agenda before the meeting starts. 

During the meeting, you can follow along as you progress through your meeting topics. Instant Agenda allows you to see notes and action items as they are created, comment on topics, vote on decisions, flag the discussion as off-topic, and more. In short - Instant Agenda provides tools for you to engage in your meeting. 

Finally, after a meeting, you can review your meeting history at any time, or update action items that you own.

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