You can create a meeting from just about anywhere – the My Meetings page, or from within an existing meeting using the menu in the upper right corner.

Note: You must have either a trial or paid account to create meetings. Guests can attend meetings, but you need an account to create and run them. Starting a trial is simple and no credit card is required—give it a try!

After you select a meeting type, you are prompted to provide some details about your meeting and select the type of meeting you want to run. Regardless of meeting type, you'll want to enter a good meeting title and purpose.

Meeting Title. Your meeting title should be a short name for the meeting that everyone will recognize. For example, "Weekly All-Hands Staff Meeting" or "Mars Project Post-Mortem". Try to be specific enough so that each meeting has a unique name. For example, if you work with multiple teams, "Weekly Team Meeting" is not a great title.

Meeting Purpose. Meeting purpose describes the goal of your meeting. Defining the purpose of your meeting may be the most important thing you can do to ensure a good outcome. Learn more about how to write a great purpose statement, see How can I write a good meeting purpose statement?

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