Instant Agenda is a web application that helps people run better, more effective meetings. It attempts to solve the three core problems related to work meetings: preparing, running and following up. It features a real-time interface to keep everyone (particularly remote participants) focused on outcomes. It is NOT a teleconferencing solution, it focuses on the content and running of your meeting.

Preparation. Instant Agenda helps you prepare a purpose and agenda for many types of meetings. That sounds pretty basic, buts lets face it, these things are often left by the way. Instant Agenda helps you do it right, and will allow your colleagues to review the agenda prior to the meeting. In some cases you might need to come up with an agenda on the spot—Instant Agenda has you covered there too!

Running. Running a meeting (facilitation) is an art form that makes the difference between a productive meeting and a goat rodeo. Instant Agenda provides a framework and guidance for running many types of meetings – making you look like a rock star. Move through your agenda in an orderly fashion, keep time, take notes, track decisions and otherwise do all the good stuff that leads to a great outcome.

Follow-up. You didn't just spend an hour hashing out that decision to let the action items fall through the cracks, did you? Use Instant Agenda to send meeting summaries to all your participants, or check back latter to see what you might have missed.

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