You can manage your email notification preferences from your Profile Page

One useful notification option is "Send email to additional addresses when I am assigned an action item." This notification can be used in a couple of ways!

Send a Copy to an Assistant

If you are a manager, executive or other highfalutin-type, you may have an assistant who manages your schedule and action items. In that case, you probably want your assistant to get those notifications, not you. Easy! Just add your assistant's email address here. If you're really important, you can even add more than one! 

Send a Copy to a Distribution List

In certain cases, you might want to copy all action items assigned to you sent to a distribution list. For example, you might be a team leader, and want all action items to be copied to your entire team. In that case, you can add a distribution list email here. 

Use an External Tool to Manage Action Items

You may already have a preferred tool that you use to manage all of your tasks. You can use this notification to send an email to that external tool each time a new action item is assigned to you. 

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